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Recent Blog Articles

Oct 12, 2016 by Rob McEachern & Scott McEachern

My sister-in-law was up visiting this weekend for Thanksgiving. Steph and I love when she visits because it makes our son, Elliott, so happy!

“Auntie A!” he yells out in joy.

“Who do you want to help feed you?” “Auntie A!”
“Who do you want to give you a bath?” “Auntie A!”

Oct 05, 2016 by Rob McEachern & Scott McEachern

Our Viewing Experiences

We started our viewings list by looking at every house we qualified for that was on MLS and only one place didn’t have an offer on it, so thought we’d check it out. Because this house is still listed on the market, I don’t want to give the specific address. The place was a townhouse and looked pretty good. There were a few noticeable fixes that we’d need to do (like replace closet doors) but for the most part, nothing...

Sep 28, 2016 by Rob McEachern & Scott McEachern

After speaking with our broker, and before we met our realtor, we decided to check out an open house by ourselves. There was a place right around the corner from where we are renting that was at the very top of our budget, but we wanted to see what our budget would get us in our current subdivision.

There were three large bedrooms which was nice, but the living space on the main floor was just too small when we consider our toddler, and the backyard was very small too. It’d be...

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