Compensation Disclosure and Agreement

One of the things you are probably wondering is how we get paid. So before we begin working together, we think it is important that we talk about that.

Please understand that there are no fees for any of our planning services because we are compensated in two ways:

  1. If, as a result of the planning work we do together, you decide that you need to purchase an insurance or financial product then we would ask that you give me a commitment now that you will buy that product through us. The company that we place the business with pays us a commission, just like any other broker or representative out there. Understanding that we operate as an independent brokers with access to virtually all of the best products and prices available, does that sound fair?
  2. At the end of our initial work together, then if, and only if, you feel that our service has truly been of value, we ask that you refer us to at least 2 friends who might also benefit from the same service. Does that sound fair?