#1 Planning Risk - Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Scott McEachern |

Many companies and industry experts today believe they know all the major risks of financial planning: longevity, inflation, withdrawal rates, asset allocation, and rising health costs. This may be true for those who are now retired, however we truly feel there is a greater risk for those who are not yet retired: The “Failure to plan” risk.

Since Rob’s early days as an advisor, he’s been talking to clients about this risk. It was relevant then and it’s relevant now, maybe even more so today once we factor in the above five risks. Even if you have a good handle on the above five risks, if you don’t have adequate funds at your disposal to start, then you may have a deficit that is too big to overcome. This is where we help. Whether you’re in your 20s, 40s, or 60s, our processes are designed to assist you.

The plan is simple to create; however, it may not be as easy to execute. Depending on your current situation, you may have to be willing to sacrifice on your end to achieve your retirement goals or any other planning goals you may have. We regularly see people who buy homes too early (without a plan) or who purchase the newest vehicle (without a plan) only to find out that their financial life is a constant struggle. This necessitates a close look at your finances, your values, and the cost of living the life you desired. Our program leads you through this important step that is missing in many people’s lives. Contact us today.