About Us

Rob and Scott are a father-son financial planning team based out of Barrie, Ontario. They are passionate about the work they do in educating and assisting families achieve their financial goals.

Our Philosophy

As a firm, our focus is to understand your financial goals and develop a financial plan to reach them. We will meet with you to present an analysis and discuss our recommendations.

The Process

Whether you are concerned about budgeting, debt repayment, investing, insurance or retirement planning, we follow the six step financial planning process as outlined by FP Canada.

Our Services


The best time to address your insurance needs is when you are young, healthy, and can afford it. We will analyze your current needs as dictated by your goals in life and put in place products that will guarantee your income in the event of a death, disability, or sickness. Term Life Insurance Term l...

Financial Planning for Families

Welcome to the world of parenting. The addition of a baby changes all dynamics of a family - including financial priorities. As you start the journey as new parents there will be moments of joy, fear, happiness, confusion (is this diaper on right??) and a variety of other emotions. We understand as...

Retirement Planning

Here's what we know: Every year, everything you buy will cost more. This must be taken into consideration for your plan. Our retirement planning process is an interactive discussion centered on the concerns, fears and uncertainty as you approach or enjoy retirement. We work you to identify, isolate...

Our Team

Chartered Financial Consultant

Robert McEachern, B.Ed., CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., a 30+ year veteran of the financial service industry, is viewed as a leader...

Serving Barrie and area families with their insurance and financial planning needs.

Recent Blog Articles

Scott McEachern |
A thorough analysis can tell you how much life insurance you need and a broker can help match you with the right product.
Last week, I was chatting with a local business owner and the topic of insurance on children came up. I ended up telling her a story about how we used life insurance in our family and at the end she told me it left her with goosebumps. To hear that my story resonated so much, I think I should share it again. Our Story When I was a child, my father purchased $10,000 of permanent...
Scott McEachern |
If you’re new to investing, some of the information on the Internet can be downright confusing. So here is a rundown of common investing terms that every investor should become familiar with.



Do I have to have a certain amount of investments to work with you?

No, we cater to the family market and many young families are just starting out. For that reason, we haven’t set an investment account minimum to work with us.


Do I invest a Lump Sum Amount or Can I Invest on a Monthly Basis?

Both options are available to you. When we meet, we can discuss which option best fits your personal situation.


How Are You Paid?

We are commission based. There is no fee for meeting with us. Full compensation disclosure found here: How We're Paid


"Scott and Rob are the best! They're helpful and always point us in the right direction; they make a point to ensure we have exactly what we need in terms of insurance and investments....

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