The 5 Most Dangerous Money Handling Trends Canadians Face

Scott McEachern |

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – lots of holidays are coming up. While they are great for connecting with family, they may not be great for your wallet. Costumes, candy, turkeys, presents, and much, much more will be lining the shelves in stores just waiting to be purchased! So when you are out shopping, keep these 5 Trends in mind and avoid them at all costs:

  1. Buying on credit
  2. Spending more than you make
  3. Not studying money (how interest charges work, what fees you pay)
  4. Not knowing how much money is enough
  5. Outliving your income streams

A few tips to avoid these trends:

  1. Pay with cash or debit
  2. Track your expenses
  3. Start planning for large future expenses and set aside a little money each month
  4. Work with an advisor who can help explain how to guarantee your income for life

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