Activities That Won’t Break the Bank

Scott McEachern |

I love my friends.

I love hanging out and creating and sharing memories that will last for years.

What I’ve grown tired of is the thought that socialization has to happen while eating out a restaurant. First off, it may put financial pressure on a person who is working towards a saving goal (I generally fall into this category). Secondly, for the most part, it’s unhealthy food. So over the past few years, I’ve began to implement a few new ideas for socializing that don’t have a huge financial impact on my budget.


Over the years, my social circle has gravitated towards the idea of a potluck. The best one in recent memory was when we decided to do a potluck brunch over the holidays, instead of the typical dinner. Friends bought food they had never had the opportunity to bring before, and we cooked the eggs fresh to order. It was so delicious and so memorable because the idea and experience was new to everyone. The crepes were to die for.


Board Games

One initial outlay for $10-$40 ($80 for some more specialty games) and hours upon hours of entertainment are provided. The games typically offer unlimited replay value and many of the more expensive games offer a variety of scenarios for a unique experience each time. Some of my favourite games are Ticket to Ride and Splendor. Board games are also a great way to spend time with family!

Play a Sport

Some house leagues can be quite costly, especially those that are followed up by a trip to the local pub. But nothing beats a pick-up game of beach volleyball or basketball, while spending a few hours outdoors enjoying the summer heat (yet to come…) Some sports only require a ball to start playing and most people have a soccer ball or baseball glove lying in their garage already.


Socializing doesn’t have to be expensive. I think the more unique you are able to make the experience, the more it will be remembered and that’s what friendship and family time is all about - creating memories and having some fun!