Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Scott McEachern |

When I attend networking events, generally I am given an opportunity to introduce myself and what I do. Having a background in marketing, I try to make my "pitches" memorable. Most of our blog readers know what we do in general, but if you are a new visitor, this post will bring you up to date! Below are a few fun examples I’ve used in the past:

“Who here put on their seatbelt as they drove to this meeting this morning? All of you did. Why did you do it? Not because you planned on getting into a car crash, you did it just in case you got into an accident – so you’d have some protection. Life insurance is much the same. You don’t buy it because you plan on dying. You buy it in case you die prematurely, and you do it to protect your family’s financial future.”

“Have you ever had a morning where you’re running late, scrambling to get ready, you get outside to the car and realize your forgotten your keys inside so you have to get back in and find them? POOF! You’re late for work! The same thing goes for insurance. You say you’ll get around to buying some, but then something happens and POOF! It’s too late! Bad things happen to good people, but it’s my job to ensure you have the proper insurance in place so your savings don’t go POOF! If something does happen.”

“Yesterday my sister posted a cute photo to Facebook. My niece created some fake money for mommy so she could afford Timbits at Tim Hortons. “You always say we’re broke, so I made you some money”. If only life was that easy! Working with young families, a common theme is that they don’t have enough money for all their ‘wants’. But I’m proud of my sister – she may not have money for Tims every day, but every family member has life insurance and all three of her children have growing RESPs. My job is to help families ensure that through the use of life insurance and savings that if something happens, they’ll have enough money to cover their financial needs and not be financially stranded!”