Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Scott McEachern |

Congratulations on the grand opening of your very own business! You’re ready to open your doors and have customers crashing through!

As you prepared for this day, you were certain you had everything in order: the cake ordered, the ribbon to be cut, the scissors, the media booked, etc. Everything is awesome.

Now, not to pull you off your awesome horse or anything, but have you heard of Business Overhead Expense insurance – and more importantly do you have some in place?

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

As a small business owner, you are responsible for your business expenses like salaries, rent, and utilities. If you become injured or unable to work, Business Overhead Expense insurance steps in to cover your overhead expenses. It’s that straight-forward and relatively inexpensive.

Business Overhead Expense insurance makes sure your doors can stay open if you are not there. Give us a call for a quote today.