Saving Can Be Fun!

Scott McEachern |

Saving can be fun. If you are on my Facebook, you've seen how I’ve made saving for vacation interactive over the last month:

Every Canadian knows that Roll Up the Rim is back at Tim Horton’s and on the first day is was introduced this year, I saw 3 people post to Facebook that they were “0 for 1” – they lost. Rather than get annoyed by all of these postings, I decided to turn it into a game. Every time I saw someone post that they got an infamous “Please Play Again” I would put $2 towards a vacation for later in the year.

The Toonies were slowly piling up, but then I decided to share my tactic with the Facebook world. That’s when things exploded. Friends and family were posting to my wall daily giving me the updates on the losing cups. Soon Toonies started turning into Twenties! Below is the breakdown since start date:

Feb 3 – 5 Losers - $10
Feb 4 – 4 Losers - $8
Feb 5 – 5 Losers - $20 For this day only, I counted both sides of the cup!!
Feb 6 – 4 Losers - $8
Feb 8 – 1 Loser - $2
Feb 10 – 3 Losers - $6
Feb 12 – 2 Losers - $4
Feb 13 – 11 Losers - $22
Feb 16 – 7 Losers - $14
Feb 22 – 16 Losers - $32 (Lots of coffee was consumed that weekend!)

Total saved so far - $144! Not too shabby for something that started as a joke and don’t worry, only two of these coffees were mine!.

All of the money saved is going towards my lifelong dream to visit New York and this year – we’re going! Much thanks to all those involved!

So saving can be fun. You just need to think of a way to keep yourself motivated, even if it’s just picking one accountability partner instead of your entire Facebook friend list (which can get quite costly!) Happy saving!!



PS. Right now, a small coffee is free at McDonalds this week and if you bring a "Please Play Again" tab to Country Style, they'll give you a free coffee. For those who are loyal to Tims - keep me in the loop, I'm still saving Toonies!!