Tax Time!

Scott McEachern |

I have always liked numbers, but I’ve never been a fan of taxes. Over the last decade or so, I never really bought into the “Do It Yourself” computer programs. I always waited for my package to arrive in the mail to bust out my pencil, eraser, and calculator to do my return. I’d spend an hour or two adding up all the numbers, finding all the right pieces of paper, and calculating my return, only to receive a T4 the next day in the mail that I hadn’t put in yet, so I’d have to go back, erase everything, and start anew.

I found this very frustrating.

A few years ago, with the combination of many life changes – starting to work as self-employed, Canada Post discontinuing the personal return mail-out packages, getting married, etc, I decided it was time to get them done by a professional. Taxes were getting more complicated, I was pulling out more hair, and what would take me several hours, takes a professional several minutes.

If you are considering this change too, we’ve asked our friend Jonathan Audette, CPA, CA to list some benefits of working with a chartered accountant:

1) Accountants look at the big picture, whereas tax software only looks at one year. Software does not provide you with the implications of your decisions into the future, where an accountant can spot opportunities.

2) Accountants speak in language that you can understand

3) Accountants are a counselor and a friend.

4) Accountants are knowledgeable. There may be rules or credits you are unaware that you are eligible for.

5) Accountants save you time and money.

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