Ten Interesting Things About Rob and Scott

Scott McEachern |

I am on vacation this week, so we decided to have a little fun with this week's blog. Short and sweet!


I play in a dodgeball league. No, I don’t wear a helmet.

I won the French award in grade 8 and the Latin award in grade 12. I still only speak one language.

I’ve driven to the West coast through the US (and back). There’s not much to see in Montana.

I once tried to crush a can on my forehead. Failed miserably.

My favourite snack is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and I put hot sauce on pretty much everything I eat (except the Reese’s Cups!!)


In the past Rob was a competitive cross-country skier and runner. He is currently looking at taking both sports up again.

Rob is a grandfather to 4 grandchildren – two boys, and two girls.

Rob owns a 1986 El Camino. He’s planning a few road trips this summer.

Rob wants to tour the North-Eastern United States. Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Rob wants to kayak on both the east and west coast.