Value Added Services

Scott McEachern |

Today, in Canada, anyone can call themselves a financial planner. The low barrier to entry in this industry means if you don’t like your current advisor, you can easily find a replacement. In an industry where customer service is key, standing out can be difficult. That’s why we look to add Value Added Services to differentiate ourselves from the competition. In addition to Rob being a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and Scott having a Level 1 Certification in Financial Planning, our firm offers the following:

Essential Documents Checklist

This is a unique document our clients use to help organize their estate for family or an executor. Clients list the locations of important documents, names of important contacts and advisors, and passwords to online banking. This is a must-have for your family. Ask us for a complimentary copy today.

Executor Assistance Program

For those considering taking on (or have been assigned) the role of executor, you may require assistance. There are a multitude of tasks that need to be completed and much paperwork to sign. A complimentary consultation will ensure you’re on the right track and we’ll provide you with a list of executor duties.

Long Term Care Assistance Program

Most of us plan to “peacefully die at home” when our time comes, but this is often the exception, not the norm. Navigating the path into a long-term care facility can be overwhelming and complex. When you understand the choices and options, and make decisions while still healthy, the transition will be easier for you and your family.

Emergency Contact

While you are healthy and able, we set up an emergency or secondary contact. These are the people we can speak to in the event you are unable to do so. It helps ensure we can process your insurance claim or alow you access to money if it’s needed for medical care in a medical emergency. This is not intended to replace a Power of Attorney document drawn up by a lawyer, it’s merely a contact to help process the paperwork.


We do our best to mention all of these services to current clients, but if you'd like to hear more, just ask us about them!