Where Do You Want To Be?

Scott McEachern |


Approximately 5% of the population is born into wealth.

About 50%-60% have the opportunity to create wealth and through wealth transfer strategies, allow the next generation to join the 5% above.

Finally, about 45% are destined to remain at the bottom – some by choice and some by lack of choice and are dependent on government programs and the help of others.

Where do you stand on this spectrum? What are you doing to ensure you’re moving up the ladder? If there’s one piece of advice we can give, it’s this:

Start planning and investing now.

Find some extra money somewhere, create your savings habit today, and create an action plan for going forward. It’s all about consistency. You can work on techniques as you go such as overhauling your budget, looking for ways to make more money, etc. As a matter of fact, part of our job is to help you with these strategies. If that’s what is holding you back, give us a call.

No one else will do it for you.