Who Should Be Asking The Questions?

Scott McEachern |

We have a split target market. Scott focuses on Generation Y and Rob focuses on retirees, and those planning to retire in the near future. However, both groups of people need to ask the same question: How much do I need for retirement?

Here’s Why: Generation Y

When government pension programs came out, they started paying at age 71 and the average life span then was 81. Now you can access your CPP at age 60 and the oldest person in the world died a few weeks ago at age 117. See the problem? Society used to spend 10 years in retirement and now some people are spending 57!! When you think about it, there’s a good chance you’ll spend more time in retirement than actually working. That begs the question – who is going to fund your retirement? What will be your sources of income? How long will your money last? How much should you start saving TODAY to have enough? These are questions we help you answer so that you can truly have your ideal retirement.

Here’s Why: Pre-Retirees

Many people come to us announcing that they have decided to retire, need to have all the paperwork into their employer within the next three to four weeks and they want to start planning. In Rob’s opinion, this is like “closing the gate after the cattle are out of the pasture”. You need to plan 5-10-15 years ahead of time because retirement isn’t just about the money. It’s about many things: travel, health, liquidating assets, supporting family members, and not outliving your income streams. We visit or revisit all of these ensuring we set up the most tax effective retirement plan as well as discussing how you will live your life going forward. The government, your former employer, your accountant, your banker, or your investment advisor usually do none of this. The choice is all yours.