Why Do You Pay at the Parking Meter?

Scott McEachern |

When you park downtown, you put money in the meter, right? Why do you do that? If you pay a little, you’ll avoid a possible big fine.

When you buy a shiny new phone, you buy a case for it, right? Why do you do that? If you pay for a little protection, you’ll avoid the possibility of dropping and breaking the expensive phone.

The idea of life insurance is the exact same! You pay a little to avoid a big loss. If you think $30 a month is too much to pay for life insurance, you have to put it into perspective. You pay $2 to avoid a $20 parking ticket. You pay $20 to avoid the cost of buying a new $400 phone. The $30 monthly premium on an insurance policy could payout $250,000! (I say “could” because rates are different depending on age, health, etc) That’s a lot! That’ll cover most people’s mortgage.

That’s value when you need it most.

The monthly premiums are not the problem; they are the solution – because if something happens to you, your family will lose the ability to earn your income. It’s much easier to come up with $30/month than $250,000. Your family will love you for it and you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing you’re financially protecting your family.