Would You Like to Know?

Scott McEachern |


Today we’d like to share a planning exercise we use with prospects to help them understand the concepts of estate planning and life insurance.

Here's the scenario:

Imagine for just a moment that something terrible had happened yesterday.

We are here today not to help you plan for the “what if?”, but rather we are here to sit down with your spouse to help figure out the “now what”?

Without getting into religious discussions or debate, you are now in whatever version of the afterlife you may believe in; so you are here in the room and can see and hear everything that is discussed, but only as an observer.

Is everything going to work out the way you would want it to?

-Not the way I think it should…

-Not the way your neighbours think it should…

-Not the way your best friend thinks it should…

-Not the way anyone else thinks it should, but the way you would want it to?


Would you like to know?