The Essential Documents Checklist

Scott McEachern |

EDC_0.jpgOne of the most important steps in creating a solid financial plan is to address the “uncontrollable” events in life. Protecting yourself with the proper insurance and legal measures helps create a solid foundation for a financial plan.

While we are not lawyers who can draw up wills or assign Powers of Attorney, we have created a document called the “Essential Documents Checklist”, which has become a key component in our clients’ financial planning. Most of us know where we keep our important documents and our login names and passwords for online banking or Paypal accounts – but does your spouse? If something were to happen to you today, would your spouse be able to access your online accounts to settle your estate.

The Essential Documents Checklist helps family members and friends settle your estate. We list all the important documents and you simply fill in the blanks with the location of those documents, including a section where you can leave special bequests or gifts. Keep in mind that the bequests page does not replace your will.

We offer this 5 page document to our valued clients, friends and families. To request a copy, simply contact us via email or phone at or 705 733-9385.