The Value of Health Insurance

Scott McEachern |

I met with a very nice lady for a coffee yesterday and as I was introducing myself and my services, she mentioned that due to health issues, she’d probably not qualify for any insurance on herself. The topic was health insurance, the kind of coverage some employees are lucky to have through their employer that includes coverage for dental, prescriptions, and vision.

Well, I am proud to say that we offer a health insurance plan that is not medically underwritten, so anyone can apply.

Premiums are affordable and can be paid through automatic withdrawal from your bank account (you can pretend it’s deducted from your paycheque, so you won’t be tempted to spend it).

When thinking about health insurance, most people think of prescription drug coverage, dental coverage and vision coverage – and these are all included, but some of the hidden gems included that most people don’t think about include:

$20 coverage for 20 visits to specialists like a chiropractor, psychologist, naturopath, and more.
$25,000 of accidental death life insurance (for those who do not qualify for life insurance due to health reasons!)
$5,000,000 of emergency medical coverage for travel insurance
100% coverage of ambulatory services

If you’d like more information on these health plans for you and your family members, please let us know via email or phone 705-733-9385.