Disability Insurance: Protecting Your Income

I was at the mall over the Christmas holidays and ran into an old friend from my college days. Here’s how the dialogue broke down:

Me: Hey! Haven’t seen you in forever, how’ve you been?

Friend: Things have been great. Since graduating, I started my own business and things are really rolling now.

Me: That’s awesome! Once the holidays are over and family things slow down, we should reconnect and catch up.

Friend: That sounds good in theory, but I’m just heading into peak season and I’ll be super busy.

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How Life Insurance Compares to Mortgage Insurance

"Jumping off the cliff into adulthood" were the exact words a millennial client used to describe the process of buying a house recently. The paperwork needed to process the deal felt a little overwhelming. They had to collect Notice of Assessments, pay stubs, bank statements, employment letters, and more! At the end of the process, the lender offered them mortgage insurance. I'm sure their eyes glazed over as they had to make one final decision: take it or leave it? They gave us a call and asked our opinions. We broke down a few of the most important differentiations for them.

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The Value of Our Profession

So much of what we want to know, learn, or buy these days can be found online.

A few weeks ago, I needed to change a headlight on my car, so I watched a “How To” video on YouTube. I wanted to pick up some tips on personal development, so I subscribed to some Podcasts. Many consumers decide they need life insurance and search for an online quoting system to compare rates.

But here’s the problem.

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How to Keep Insurance Costs Down

With rates as low and competitive as they have ever been, it’s as close to a “buyers” market in life insurance as you’ll probably ever see.  Still, in these cash-strapped times, curbing all costs and expenses is a priority for most people, and buying life insurance is no different.

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Financial Literacy: Term Insurance

Earlier this week, I posted a "Did You Know?" to my social media accounts (@ScMcEachern on Instragram, link to Facebok page at the top right of this page).

The Tip: Term 10 insurance is cheap now, but watch out for the renewal rates.

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Let’s be honest – insurance is not always a fun topic to think about or discuss. But before closing this window and going back to Reddit or Facebook, hear me out. Even if it’s not fun, the insurance discussion is an important one to have, especially if you have someone that relies on your income.

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Smart Insurance Planning for Young Families

IMG_4368.PNGMany young families sometimes do not plan in the right sequence. They may fail to remember that their most important asset is not their home, vehicle, or bank account, but the income stream they provide each week to support those assets. Simply put, it’s the reason we always take about insurance at our first meeting.

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What Are the Chances?

Ready for a few scary statistics?

1 in 19,000 houses catch fire annually.

1 in 1,700 people will get in a car accident with repairs costing more than $3,000 this year.

1 in 78 people will die before age 65 this year.

1 in 16 people will become disabled before age 65 this year.


1 in 3 Canadians will suffer a critical illness before age 65!

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