What Are the Chances?

Scott McEachern |

Ready for a few scary statistics?

1 in 19,000 houses catch fire annually.

1 in 1,700 people will get in a car accident with repairs costing more than $3,000 this year.

1 in 78 people will die before age 65 this year.

1 in 16 people will become disabled before age 65 this year.


1 in 3 Canadians will suffer a critical illness before age 65!

Are You Insured?

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Taking these five risks into consideration, most have coverage for 2 or 3 of the above, but those incidents are the least likely to happen and there’s a good chance you only have them because they are mandated by the government or mortgage provider.

Your Income is an Asset

In the story of the Goose Who Lays The Golden Egg – you are the goose, and the egg is the income you produce when you go to work. If you become sick or disabled, you’ll be unable to produce an income for yourself and your family. Have you ever taken a moment to think “what would happen if I was unable to work tomorrow”? Where will the funds come from then? Will you have to deplete your savings? Are you relying on the bank of Mom and Dad for support? Would you have to go into debt?

What if you got to receive a cheque from an insurance company for $50,000?

We bet that would help your situation! Our job is to assist people in protecting their assets – their income, their mortgage, their ability to save for their children’s education, and their retirement savings. With 1 in 3 Canadians likely to suffer a critical illness this year, it makes sense to insure yourself with Critical Illness insurance where you will receive a lump sum tax-free payout upon the diagnosis of a critical illness and survive 30 days.


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