What Can We Help You With Right Now?

Scott McEachern |

We like to look at the big picture. That being said, sometimes we meet people with a single need. Below, we’ve listed three products that, depending on your situation, we can help you with right now.

If you love someone who relies on you financially and/or you have debts – Life Insurance

Most people know the importance of life insurance. If your income stops flowing into the household because you pass away prematurely, would you family be able to survive on one income? Would they have to sell the house? Who would help out with post-secondary education? Who would pay for daycare while the surviving spouse works to pay for food and shelter? Life insurance ensures that there is money available to your family when they need it the most.

If you have a vacation planned – Travel Insurance

We’ve blogged about the importance of travel insurance many times over the past two years. When travelling out of country, health care costs are billed directly to you. Depending on the situation, bills can cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. For just a few dollars a day, you can travel with piece of mind knowing you’re covered with travel insurance.

If you have money sitting in your chequing account earning no interest – A high interest TFSA

Some people like the safety net of having a few thousand dollars in their chequing account, just in case, which by the way, earns little to no interest. Let me ask you this – when was the last time you needed to access thousands of dollars instantaneously? With a high interest tax-free savings account, you can earn interest on all your saved dollars and can also have your money deposited back into your everyday banking account within 48 hours.