What's Children Barfing Got to do With Life Insurance?

Scott McEachern |

I’m glad I am a planner.

Someone once told me “Plan to be early, and you’ll never be late!” How true it is.

Last week, moments before heading out the door to a meeting, I picked up my three month old son Elliott to kiss him goodbye and he proceeded to throw up on me. So I quickly had to change my entire outfit and head out the door. Luckily I was still able to arrive to my meeting on time.

Despite my son’s barfing tendencies, I love him very much! His birth three months ago really changed our lives (mine and my wife’s). One of the first things I wanted to do was increase my personal life insurance coverage (this is a slightly biased though because I work in the industry...but still). If something were to happen to me on the drive to the meeting or the drive home that night, I wanted to know that Elliott and Stephanie wouldn’t have a financial worry.

All of our debts could be paid off with the proceeds (mortgage, car, loans). Elliott’s future education could be funded. And finally, my income could be replaced for a few years so Stephanie wouldn’t have to work two jobs to raise our child.

Life insurance is never a fun talk and thinking about our own mortality can be downright depressing. But we talk about life insurance because we want to protect the people we love. If you have debts, or you love someone, there is likely a strong need for insurance.

The main reason I sell life insurance is because I love helping others protect the ones they love.