Your Emergency Fund and You

Fall is finally here. The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and your worries seem just a little bit further away. But folks, I’m sorry to say, sometimes storms roll in on the most beautiful of days. And if I’m honest, the world is a bit of a scary place at the moment, with politics impacting the economic climate, and warmer temperatures affecting agriculture all around the world, the future is perhaps not as certain as it once was.

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Family Planning Blog

The decision to go forward with your plans to start a family is a joyous one, but it can also lead to increased stress especially if your financial house has not been child-proofed. Considering that, on average, the cost of raising a child now exceeds $250,000, there’s little margin for error for most young families that have other important financial goals to achieve. There’s no reason why you should get caught off guard or caught in cash crunch as long as you plan ahead.

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Whatever You Do - Make Sure You Do This First!

Life happens. It’s a fact. Imagine meeting the love of your life, getting engaged, you’re working hard to save for the wedding and suddenly…Life happens. You know, those unfortunate events that occur at the absolute worst time? And they always suck! Your spouse becomes unemployed, you get in a car accident, a family member that lives in another province passes away – all reasons you may need to tap into your wedding savings. Not cool.

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